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2022-06-15 13:17:41 By : Mr. Bob Lu

NAMM in June is a bit strange, but then again so is going two years without NAMM. We got the chance to hit the show Friday and Saturday and while it wasn't full blown crazy like the traditional January event, there were a lot of good vibes going around and some cool gear. 

Here is what we were digging. 

Audio Technica has long been a leading voice in the world of audio technology, and their new AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone seeks to continue this legacy.

The new microphone is inspired by one of their most popular legacy microphones, Audio-Technica’s acclaimed BP40 Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Microphone, and offers top-tier, broadcast quality sound for work in any vocal reproduction. Better yet, it does this at a price point more affordable than its competitors.

The AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone is now available with U.S. MAP pricing of $99.00. For more information, please visit

Groove Synthesis isa fresh face in the world of hardware, but their 3rd Wave synth certainly is making a strong entry into the scene.

 Groove Synthesis's 3rd Wave Synth is a 24-voice, 4-part multitimbral wavetable synth with three oscillators per voice, analogue low-pass filters, a state-variable filter, 6-stage wave envelopes per oscillator, and a Wavemaker tool for custom wavetable creation.

Accessing your own waveforms in a hardware synth in a powerful creative tool, allowing a customization and creativity options of popular VSTs like Serum; but in analog form.

The synth's onboard filter is a Dave Rossum 2140 analogue low-pass filter that allows for adjustable resonance compensation and saturation options. Being used in serial allows for texturally-dense textures to be created and rich harmonic sounds.

Groove Synthesis's 3rd Wave Synth is set to hit consumer markets in August at an introductory price of $3.795. Learn more at Groove Synthesis website.

Manny Marroquin is a living legend in the world of audio engineering, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

His latest endeavor is in partnership with Audeze to create the MM-500 headphones; a signature, high-end mixing headphones designed to get results worthy of the multiple Grammies Marroquin has won.

While the $1,699 price point may deter some prospective buyers, the ones who do make the investment are promised high-caliber performance and fantastic reliability in this premier set of headphones. 

"The MM-500’s are as vital in my studio as any other piece of equipment... finally I can work on the balance between my 808’s/bass/kicks." - Manny Marroquin

While consumer production begins in early August, you can learn more about these headphones here.

Cre8audio unveils their new semi-modular synth created in tandem with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers.

The signature sound of this desktop synth derives from the West Pest's wavefolder, which amplifies the synth's and folds them back in on themselves up to six times to creative intensive harmonic distortion and coloration.

Built in to the synth is a series of 8 modules; including oscillator, wave contour, dynamics controller, LFO, multi-mod tool, MIDI to CV converter, step sequencer, and button keyboard. Each of the West Pest's 18 patch points are also Eurorack compatible, allowing this synth to easily slot into your arsenal of other toys. 

West Pest is available for immediate purchase for $250. Learn more at Cre8audio website.

With more and more professional records being producers in bedroom studios and small spaces, the need for desktop-sized hardware has never been more prevalent.

But the majority of small-scale audio interfaces sacrifice quality in place of their small stature.  

But Audient's new interview seeks to change that!

with improved audio-digital conversion that adds an extra 9dB of headroom and enhanced loop-back functionality, this highly versatile interface will set the standard for mid-range interfaces.

And coming in at an approachable $699 price point means that it could become a staple in the market in no time at all. 

While on the surface, this device looks like a standard MIDI sequencer it turns out that there is much more going on under the hood.

The Polyend Play is, in fact, an entire production suite bundled into a small and portable device.

Containing over 3k samples that are organized across 35 kits, this thing comes packed with functionality and value. 

With numerous audio tracks, effect racks, and polyphonic MIDI tracks all accessible within a few clicks, this toy has something for everyone. The numerous pots, knobs, rotaries, and more give exacting control of every step of the creative process, enabling producers of all levels to dial in exactly what they need from the sounds they love. 

Shipping begins in early July, so reserve your device here.  

Adam Audio has been a mainstay in the audio world for a while now, and the newest product line is the next iteration and evolution of the company. 

Offering a handful of upgrades over the previous generations, such as Adam Audio's innovative Multi-layer mineral technology and onboard DSP, the Adam Audio A7V's are sure to carve out a new niche in the audio world. 

​​Packaged with a 7” woofer and ADAM’s well-known X-ART tweeter, the A7v brings a broad frequency range of 41 Hz to 42 kHz.

Check out more information here.

The Rhodes keyboard is a legend and if you are a fan of jazz, funk, house, etc. you've probably encountered that signature fat sound many times. Sadly Rhodes went the way of the dodo a while ago but not to worry, they are back and better than ever with the new, handmade MK8. Now don't get too excited because it starts at around $9,500 and goes up from there. This is a true modern evolution of this keyboard that is meticulous and worth the price tag. Find out more here and put in your preorder if you have the loot and you will be the envy of many. 

Mackie has been quietly dropping some super innovative products over the last couple of years from their new Thump line of portable powered speakers to their new streaming mixer to their wireless mics. 

The OnyxGo is ideal for content creators that are using their phones for a majority of their filming and comes packed with features. The mic essentially syncs with your phone via BT and becomes a wireless mic delivering high-quality audio recordings to your video content or on their own for podcasts, voice-over recording, etc. 

More here / Features Below.

The mad scientists at Physical Synthesis have created a truly unique music-making machine in the form of the Cicada Acoustic Synthesizer. 

This synth is definitely not for everyone, but if you love exploring tactile machines with quirky sounds and you can spend hours noodling with sounds, this machine at the very least will intrigue you. The components vary in price and a complete system starts at about a grand and works its way up from there. 

If you love glitch, tactile sound triggers, and are looking to bring a unique edge to your music or performance, well, you just found it. 

More here. Do we want one, oh yes... 

Yes, another weird device that you probably don't need but will probably want. 

The Orbita works with a synth/sound source and creates sounds/patterns by moving colored metal dots into various configurations on the turntable device. You are able to visualize the sounds with the dots, with each one representing a track in your composition, think kick, snare, synth, etc. 

You move the dots and you change the composition and there are various patterns to work off. The Orbita is still in the preorder phase but should be available soon.

NINA Synth From Melbourne Instruments

This was one of the coolest things we saw at the show. Melbourne Instruments has built a 12-voice analog polysynth with motorized control. What does that mean? The knobs move on their own to give you a visual of your tweaks along with giving you an immediate reset in case you screw up a magical sound. Visit the site, and open your wallet. That's how it's going to go. 

The new Polyend Play Midi-Controller Groovebox is the next drop from this dope little brand. If you are looking for a new angle on your live performance or out-of-the-box production these are definitely worth a look. Check out the quick demo video below. 

The crew at Eventide is celebrating 50 years - so props on that. So what is this thing? The Misha is a Eurorack instrument/sequencer that uses a unique, interval-based approach to creating music. This is a new lane for the Eventide crew and a cool way to utilize the various pedals in the Eventide ecosystem. Play it live, record with it, and get out your glasses because the display is microscopic. 

DJUCED® PRO+ is a full-fledged, standalone DJ software that offers a TON of new features in addition to the standard DJUCED controls.

The primary focus of this powerful software is to teach new DJs how to start creating killer mixes fast! 

with more customization features than the software's previous iterations, the DJUCED PRO suggests the best upcoming tracks from your music to blend with the tracks you’re currently playing. On top of that, you can enhance your mixes with the STEMS feature, unlocking your creativity and empowering you to create amazing mashups on the fly. 

This announcement also comes with access to the DJUCED PRO+ subscription service that unlocks exclusive features to bolden your DJing experience for years to come. This includes built in streaming, on-demand support, access to hundreds of hours of DJ tutorials, and other premium features.

More announcements to come in late August regarding the availability of the DJUCED PRO and DJUCED PRO+ versions. 

Keep up with all of the latest news at and on social media.

If you're reading our NAMM recap and getting some serious FOMO, you may logically be wondering who can attend NAMM and who cannot.

NAMM is a trade-only convention and conference, meaning that unfortunately NAMM is not open to the public. 

That being said, they make a few exceptions:

COVID cancelations and delays disrupted the regular scheduling of the NAMM show, which caused this year's NAMM show to be postponed until June.

Now that this year's NAMM show has come and gone, we can start getting excited about the next one! 

The 2023 NAMM Show is officially scheduled for April 13–15, 2023. 

After that show, NAMM will return to its standard dates in January 25–28, 2024.

Of course this is not 100% locked in, as NAMM always prioritized the health and wellness of the industry and those who work in it.

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