Elections 2022: They report burning ballots in Oaxaca

2022-06-16 09:56:07 By : Mr. Hugh Hu

Election day in Oaxaca began with the burning of ballots in the community of San Guichicovi, in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.This, due to their disagreement with the lack of support after the passage of hurricane "Agatha".According to the Secretary of Security of Oaxaca, Dalia Baños Noyola, these incidents were due to agrarian and social conflicts with the municipal authorities, for which she assured that joint work between the three orders of government is maintained to guarantee the safety of Oaxacans. through a deployment of more than 2,500 troops.In Oaxaca, in the #Elecciones2022MX, the first problems are already registered: ballot burning in Encinal Colorado, municipality of San Juan Guichicovi 🗳️📽️From the community pic.twitter.com/AuipptojTd– Noise on the Net (@RuidoEnLaRed) June 5, 2022In addition, in the district of Juchitán, 27 boxes will not be installed: 7 in San Dionisio del Mar, 17 in San Mateo del Mar and 3 in Álvaro Obregón.In Tlaxiaco there will be 6 in the municipality of Magdalena Peñasco and in the district of Ixtlán de Juárez there will be no elections in San Melchor Betaza, said Edgar Humberto Arias, INE delegate in Oaxaca.Community of #Oaxaca affected by hurricane #Agatha will not allow the installation of a boothThe communities of El Popoyote, Macahuite and Paso las Garzas belonging to the municipality of Sta María Tonameca will not allow the installation of polling stations for the #EleccionesOaxaca2022.pic.twitter.com/ZBRvjv8OkO– Political Oaxaca (@OaxacaPolitico) June 5, 2022The boxes will be special and will be placed in other nearby municipalities so that citizens can exercise their vote.81 booths WILL NOT BE INSTALLED IN OAXACA!The INE delegate in Oaxaca, Edgar Humberto Arias, affirmed that 48 polling stations will not be installed due to the disaster zone due to #Agatha and 33 polling stations due to political conflicts #Elecciones2022MX📹@PedroMatias8 pic.twitter.com/SvvhtWI2zJ– Noise on the Net (@RuidoEnLaRed) June 5, 2022Texas police have corrected key details about the Uvalde school shooting as criticism from some parents about the initial account of the events mounts.Last Tuesday, the small and normally quiet town in the state of Texas became the scene of the worst massacre that occurred in a school in the United States in almost a decade.At least 21 people were killed (19 of them children and two teachers) when Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old teenager, stormed Robb Elementary with a handgun and AR-15 rifle, barricaded himself in a classroom and began To shoot.Since then, details of how the day that forever changed the life of this border town took place.But in their latest statements, the police have retracted previous statements.Authorities initially reported that Ramos exchanged fire with a school police officer before entering the building.Shortly after, during a briefing on Wednesday, Steven C. McCraw, director of the Department of Public Safety (DPS), said that a police officer from the school "attacked" the shooter but that there was no exchange of fire.But on Thursday police revealed that the attacker wandered outside the school for 12 minutes before entering without question.“It was reported (initially) that a police officer from the school district confronted the suspect as he entered.Is not correct.He entered without obstacles ”, revealed Victor Escalon regional director of the DPS.Initially, several US officials welcomed the authorities' "swift" response.DPS Director Steven C. McCraw said Wednesday that an officer acted quickly as Ramos approached the school after crashing his vehicle.State Gov. Greg Abbott, for his part, praised the "rapid response" of "brave local officials" who he said had confronted the gunman before he entered the school."They showed incredible courage," he added.But this Thursday, Escalon revealed that the police arrived after the armed man entered and that he was killed 90 minutes after his arrival.The response is now seen as tardy and a series of videos showing frustrated parents being accosted and handcuffed by police while the attacker was still inside the school has sparked growing anger in America.This Thursday, Escalón explained that Ramos crashed his vehicle near at 11:28 am, and the first emergency call came two minutes later when some witnesses reported that they had seen a man with a firearm.Ramos fired at bystanders, walked through the school grounds and freely entered a gate that was open at 11:40am.Police arrived at the scene four minutes later, according to Escalon.Police initially said officers were "inside" trying to act and took cover after being attacked.But Escalon contradicted this version on Thursday."They (didn't) go in right away because of the shots they were taking," he said.At 12:45, the gunman was shot dead not by local officers.but by a tactical unit led by US border agents.Escalon downplayed earlier police statements that there were ongoing exchanges of fire during the hour Ramos was at the scene."Most of the shots were at the beginning."Initially, the local authorities claimed that the gunman was wearing a bulletproof vest, but later they changed the narrative.Sergeant Erick Estrada, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said Wednesday that Ramon had "a rifle and a bulletproof vest."“After the crash (of his vehicle) an armed man came out, wearing a bulletproof vest.He entered through a door on the south (of the campus), where he met a police officer and they began to shoot at each other, ”he detailed.But later, Lt. Christopher Olivarez, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said the attacker was not wearing a bulletproof vest, but a vest to store extra magazines.Ramos legally purchased two AR-style rifles on his 18th birthday, a week before the attack.The investigation has found no indication that he had a criminal or mental illness history.Despite the timeline offered by the regional director of the DPS, Victor Escalon, this Thursday, there are still many doubts about the facts.Escalon refused to answer multiple questions about why the gunman hadn't been killed earlier.But he claimed that he had "considered all questions" and would provide an update soon.Now you can receive notifications from BBC World.Download the new version of our app and activate it so you don't miss out on our best content.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkzsUZOK6-0We are processing your membership, please be patient, this process may take up to two minutes.